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Dine with Pride around our tables

How many family memories are made around your dining room table?

file Double Pedestal table1.gif
Double Pedestel

Whether it's Thanksgiving dinner with the extended family, the late supper after the baseball game, the never ending Monopoly game, the latest science fair project, play dough on a rainy day, or the anniversary dinner by candlelight it all begins around the table.

At Pride we understand, that your family dining room table is more than just a table, its a family heirloom that needs to live through all these memories to the next generation.


file Madison table1.gif
Madison Table
  file Oval Caledonia table1.gif
Oval Caledonia


file Breckenridge1.gif
Brekenridge Table
  file Colbran table1.gif
The Colbran Table


  file Henderson Table1.gif
The Henderson Table
  file Library table1.gif
The Library Table


file Odessa Table1.gif
The Odessa Table
  file Royal Mission table1.gif
The Royal Mission Table

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