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Dine with Pride around our tables

How many family memories are made around your dining room table?

Here are links to dozens of table styles. And accessories.

Download these for immediate or offline perusal.

PDF cover image

Download this information first. (Tap to download)

In this first download, you find out about furniture options and choices, including pedestals, table edges, and table top shapes. You find out how the furniture is constructed. And, if you are interested in expandable tables, there is information about self-storing leaves. Tap here to download.

PDF cover image

Dining table styles to choose from.

There are many, many table styles to choose from. These 6 volumes describe in pictures and words the looks and feels the tables can bring to your life experience.

Tap to download volume 1, styles from A through B

Tap to download volume 2, styles from C through E

Tap to download volume 3, styles from F through K

Tap to download volume 4, styles from L through P

Tap to download volume 5, styles from R through V

Tap to download volume 6, styles from W through Z

PDF cover image

Benches and leaf storage cabinets.

Benches. Yes, gotta have benches. And, if you're thinking of an expandable table style, you'll want to peruse these table leaf storage cabinets.

Tap here to download.

PDF cover image

Photos of all styles, 100's, in one document. (Tap to download)

If you want a picture of all the styles in one document, so it is easier to see which you prefer, this is it.

You'll see a couple hundred styles of tables, some leaf storage cabinets, several dozen styles of benches, and a few chairs. A veritable smorgasbord of choices for your home.

Tap here to download photos of all styles.

Whether it's Thanksgiving dinner with the extended family, the late supper after the baseball game, the never ending Monopoly game, the latest science fair project, play dough on a rainy day, or the anniversary dinner by candlelight — it all begins around the table.

Your family dining room table is more than just a table. It is a family heirloom that needs to live through all these memories to the next generation.

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